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Land Services for
a Better Environment

One of our goals at Reel Neet Erosion Control is to provide a breadth of services that meet our customers’ needs in erosion control, storm drainage and land clearing.

If you need a service that is not listed below, please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

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sediment basin water treatment service

Sediment Basin Water Treatment

Before you can release sediment-laden water from the sediment basin, you must treat the water. Reel Neet has a product called REELFLOC that does just that when it is induced to the water through a hydro seeder. If your pond is a certain size, we provide a water paddle on the back of a tractor to achieve proper mixing.

erosion and sediment control installation

Erosion & Sediment Control

Reel Neet are the experts in erosion control. We use innovative and high-quality products and technology to install anything from silt fences and inlet protection to straw wattles and erosion eels. We offer products from Dandy Products, Profile Products, LSC Environmental and many others.

hydro seeding spray application

Hydro Seeding

We consider ourselves the masters of hydro seeding with a fleet of hydro seeders to meet your needs. We can do anything from regular hydro seeding all the way up to cutting-edge hydro seeding for erosion control applications using the Flexterra®HP-FGM™. We use mulches and additives from Profile Products and LSC Environmental.

sod installation


If your project needs include sod, we lay roll or pallet sod on any size area.

environmentally friendly land clearing

Environmentally Friendly Land Clearing

Reel Neet offers land clearing without the mess and headache that big machines cause. We use grinding machines that grind and mulch a tree from the top to the ground. The process leaves behind a nice bed of mulch. Using this method, you do not have to obtain environmental permits, because you are not disturbing the land. These machines are ideal for underbrush removal, R.O.W. clearing, farm field reclaiming, and many more applications. We can grind any size tree needed.

seeding and straw services

Seeding & Strawing

Reel Neet provides seeding and mulching services, including small areas or multiple acres; lime, fertilizer and seed application, drop seed or no-till seed, blow and crimp mulch.

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